Native Angelena Maureena Danicar  hit the Hollywood club scene with her Maniac Cadillac Band   as an opening act in the now legendary Ronnie Mack's Barndance. A standing ovation earned her top billing at Jack's Sugar Shack, LA Weekly's Hot Pick and a rash of other headliners including The Mint, The Gig, The Whiskey,  and the world famous Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

            Maureena has also made special guest performances for the luminary Glenn Frey of the Eagles,  country artists Jeff Carson and the multi-award winning country duo Brooks & Dunn.

          Rockin'  the Ormsby House in Carson City, Nevada  to a sold out crowd Maureena's New Year's Eve show brought in the local news crew and  earned her the well-prized  Carson City Television's  "Entertainer of the Year"

 "Maureena’s show was the best I have ever seen!  People were dancing on the tables and chairs!"        -- Ormbsy House, Entertainment Director, Lori Hebler



Her dynamic performance skills and phenomenal 31/2 octave range  earned two more accolades. Maureena Danicar was named top honors as  both  "Vocalist of the Year" and "Entertainer of the Year" By the California Country Music Association (CCMA).



 Her debut CD  won CCMA's "Album of the Year"  and with an unprecedented seven CCMA awards the two-time "Vocalist of the Year" Maureena landed a spot as the youngest inductee into the CCMA Hall of Fame.

Maureena's talent  has garnered rave reviews from music publications such as Sing Out! which wrote,  "Like the best vocalists, she knows when to hold back and when to let it go...the affect can be chilling, evoking the spirits of classic singers from  Patsy Cline t  Linda Rondstadt. ...There's little doubt she'll soon emerge onto the national scene in a big way."

Backstage @The LA Music Awards


   Maureena's  dubut CD also earned the prestigious LA Music Awards "Country Album of the Year"

Maureena's most prized accolade is LA Music Awards "Country Singer/Songwriter of the Year"

"Such an artist is Maureena Danicar...who can sing as beautifully as she can write songs, and can write songs with a dynamic depth and emotional honesty that matches the expressive power of her own vocals"   -- Music Digest Online

" emerging artist who has everything it takes to be a star, and then some. If you've been searching for the real thing, search no longer. She's right here." --Buzz Online


"Maureena Danicar is primed and ready for success. Major labels take note."
      --Robert Morgan Fisher, Premiere Radio Network

"Maureena writes great songs that communicate the raw territory of the heart. She proves that she is a singer-songwriter here to contend with the best." --John Koetzner, Freelance Music Critic


Jana Pendragon, music journalist for Music Connection and other magazines, describes Maureena as a "local diva" and has hailed her standing ovation  ballad        If You Love Me as "a hit!"

Maureena and her Maniac Cadillac BAND have released the current CD "Rock It Baby !" to even nore rave reviews from music fans to music critics, including that of Paul Zollo, Senior Editor of American Songwriter Magazine: "PHENOMENAL!"












Photo credits:  Kevin Break